About LIME

LIME was founded in 2005 from a passion for people and their motivations. From the start, the goal has been to be a top player in executive search and interim management within Finance, Tax and Treasury. And all this while maintaining our focus on quality, long-term relationships and genuine interest in people.

Our network in finance is built on sustainable and strong relationships. Valuing capacities and competencies is important, we think it is crucial to know people personally and their motivations. We therefore continuously invest in strengthening these relationships and select the best professionals for our clients who match the work, the culture and the people.

We believe that we can only remain successful and relevant if a lot of attention is paid to candidates and clients and we continuously ask ourselves what drives people and the organisation. That is why we regularly organize network meetings where we discuss current topics in an informal setting. For example, we organize events for CFOs, female leaders in the Netherlands and young, ambitious financials. View our events here.


Lemon is LIME's younger sister and coaches ambitious and talented financials who are ready for a challenging 2nd or 3rd step in their career.

Who is lime

"Our mission is to make candidates and clients more valuableā€