LIME TIME | Resilient and agile organizations

The most recent LIMETIME includes a special on 'resilient and agile organisations'.
In it we mention five action areas in which the CFO can take steps to structurally improve this.

Area of ​​action #1
is tackling burnout and stimulating vitality. A poll by research agency Ipsos shows that 33% of all employees experience more stress since the outbreak of the corona virus. For younger employees this is even about 40%. Read more about this in our LIMETIME magazine.

Area of ​​action #2
is building social resilience, because with the introduction of much more working from home, the possibilities for interactions and relationships can be greatly reduced. To overcome this challenge, CFOs need to rethink how they help people build their network, for example.

Area of ​​Action #3
is about building agility and adaptability. Think more often about the application of job rotations and secondments. These broaden one's skills, making them more resilient to future changes. Job rotations and secondments also create agility within the organization by making it easier for people to leave positions that are no longer needed and thus move to new value-added positions in a timely manner.

Action area #4
is 'Support intrapeneurship'. Organizations that do not create opportunities for intrapreneurship risk losing innovative team members. The proof: 70% of successful entrepreneurs developed their big idea while working for an established organization, but left to commercialize it because of their frustration with the degree of organizational rigidity that suppresses their entrepreneurial spirit. So support intrapeneurship and retain your most innovative employees.

Area of ​​action #5
Ensure autonomy. In this we describe how you can make a move towards an environment in which trust is the standard, so that more empowerment and an autonomous culture can also be realized in your company.

Want to know more about this? You can read the entire article in LIMETIME #19.