Executive search

We advise, coach and connect senior professionals in Finance, Tax & Treasury to the next step in their career. In order to be able to do this in a qualitative way, it is crucial to map out personal wishes, competencies and interests. We want to know what gives you energy, but also what makes you feel less comfortable. Do you want to work in a corporate setting, do you fit better in a scale-up or do you excel in a private equity environment? Only when we have that clear, we can give you good advice for that next step.

We believe in long-term relationships and investing in them. In our view, regular contact through network events, lunches or just drinking coffee ensures that our relationship is deepened and that we are better able to advise you.

Our clients are multinationals, family businesses, medium-sized and small companies, from start-up to mature. We have built up specific expertise within portfolio companies of private equity firms active in the Netherlands.

Interim management

Our interim management team is aimed at senior professionals who are looking for challenging interim assignments in Finance, Tax & Treasury. Think of temporary projects of existing positions that arise, for example, due to a temporary need or due to a transition phase within the organization. We focus on end responsible positions and direct reports, both line and staff management. In order to connect you to the right client, we think it is important to get to know you well and to know what your strengths and drives are.

We also think it is important to have frequent contact to know if and when you are available for a new assignment.

Due to the need to act quickly, we post our interim positions on our LinkedIn page rather than on our site. To stay informed about new interim positions and projects, we advise you to follow our LinkedIn page.

Interested in Executive Search

If this appeals to you, please contact our executive search team. This way we can determine together how we can be of service to you.

On our site you will find our current portfolio under open positions. However, part of our portfolio is not visible due to confidentiality. If you are interested in hearing more about this, we recommend that you contact one of the partners.

Interested in Interim Management

Does this appeal to you and do you want to know which interim positions we currently have in our portfolio? Please contact our interim management team.

We post our interim management positions on our LinkedIn page. However, part of this offer is not visible due to confidentiality. If you are interested in hearing more about this, please contact Kees-Jan Schipper.

Join our LinkedIn community and stay informed about new permanent and interim positions.