Arovo is one of Europe's largest suppliers of household items. They have customers around the globe and their offices are based in the EU, UK, Asia and more recently in the US. Their passion is to create beautifully designed and affordable products. Arovo has grown tremendously in the home deco, kitchenware, personal care and multimedia categories and has strong growth ambitions for the future. In addition to designing and sourcing for multiple international private label clients, Arovo has partnerships with leading international brands, including MasterChef, ELLE, Cosmopolitan and McGregor. 

Arovo is a dynamic company and still discovering their business path. In the recent years, the organization has grown tremendously, increased its revenue tenfold and has expand internationally as well. 

The ideal candidate

  • Completed an academic education in financial economics or businessadministration with approximately 10-15 years of experience. A post-graduate degree (RA/RC) is a strong preference;
  • Enterpreneurial and driven CFO. Proven successful, preferably in an international wholesale, B2B or e-commerce organization or company where e-commerce plays an important role; 
  • Experience in a medium-sized (family) business, PE owned company or affinity in a fast growing and changing organization is a strong preference; 
  • Demonstrated experience with BI/Data Management/ERP; Experience with Microsoft Business Central is a strong plus; 
  • Affinity and experience with creating a "modern" finance function where digitalization plays a very important role. Ability to build and lead a qualitatively strong team as a manager and coach; 
  • Optimizing information creation for the benefit of optimizing commercial results and growth; 
  • Balanced personality who brings new energy to the company. Someone who can build bridges and activate the business; 
  • High degree of personal integrity combined with an entrepreneurial/pragmatic attitude. 

"Ultimately, the CFO's goal is to build a "future proof" organization equipped to meet Arovo's future ambitions."

The job profile

As a CFO, you will take the efficiency of Arovo's operational and commercial activities to the next level, also on a strategic level.  For example, the further optimization of the internal business processes, reports and systems with the aim of taking the internal organization to the next level to efficiently facilitate the future international growth of the company. Ultimately, the goal is to have a "future proof" organization set up for Arovo's future ambitions. 
You will identify all commercial and financial opportunities and be proactive in identifying and managing them. As a CFO you have the leading role in this by feeding the collective choice of the management team with good and honest analyses. Beside this, you constantly strive to improve efficiency and professionalism in the financial and administrative organization and in a broader sense for the entire business. You are part of the MT and report to the CEO, to whom you are a proactive, decisive and critical partner. You manage a team of 6 FTE. 

Are you interested?

If you would like to know more about the position or receive the extended job profile, please contact Maureen.