Bianca van Bolderik

After completing my studies in hotel management, I thought I was too young to start working, and after one year of Italian at the UvA, I started the master Policy, Communication & Organization at the VU in Amsterdam.

During my graduation I started as an account manager at Ticket Service Netherlands and from that moment, I have had various positions withing the ticketing and recruitment world. The core of all my previous jobs is contact with other people: organization of events, clients and professionals.

The last (almost) four years I worked at SchaalX for the interim placement of marketing and communication professionals, mainly within the public sector. On the one hand, having contact with clients and thinking along about the person or profile that suits the demand best at that moment, and on the other hand building the network of professionals, is what I enjoy most. As from November 2019 I will do this at LIME for senior interim finance roles. Together with my colleagues from the interim team, I focus on further expanding our interim branch.

Passion / Energy

I get energy when during a conversation with a client I immediately know the right interim professional. This means I have good insight and contact with my network and I really listened and understood the matter.
After a pleasant and productive day or week at the office, walk out of the office and have quality time with my boyfriend and daughter and have drinks and dinner with our friends and family. In addition, enjoy sports, being outside and taking time in between for a good book, a good Netflix series and yoga.


Because the financial world is still fairly new to me, I want to master this completely and expand our interim network. I also want to continue developing myself in the profession of consultant. But personal growth is also important to me.


Especially for the organization itself. As soon as you are in the office here, you feel something special: a personal and cozy, but driven atmosphere. We are all professionals in our field and work hard to connect our clients and our network as well as possible, with a genuine interest in the person.