Emile Ipenburg

Emile Ipenburg

I was born and grew up in Gorssel, a nice village on the IJssel between Zutphen and Deventer, where I had a very good childhood. In 1993, after secondary school in Zutphen, I studied Business Administration in Groningen. Through Deloitte and a trading company I got to know my current colleagues, with whom I set up LIME in 2005. Starting my own business was always one of my biggest ambitions, but until then I had not met the right people to build something with. Martijn, Rolf and Elisabeth quickly provided the answer to this challenge. After 10 years, I still feel the same passion and energy that I had when I started and that is also for a large part due to the people. We really are a team and are prepared to go the extra mile for one another.

I am married with Carolien, personal coach, and we live in Amsterdam with our two children, Pien and Dex.

Passion / Energy
I get a huge amount of energy from people who have and show a passion for and enjoyment in what they do. And whatever profession or hobby that might be, really doesn’t matter to me. Just enjoying what you do and being fully committed to it, that is in my opinion what makes our company distinctive. I believe that these are the basic ingredients for success. That goes both for the companies and people we work for, but also for our own team.

In addition, sport gives me personally a lot of energy. I enjoy running, football and tennis and next summer I am going to take up an old hobby of mine again, windsurfing.

Above all, I hope that LIME is and remains a company in which people work with a lot of pleasure and pride. We want to continue to build on the success of previous years with the best people, and to offer the best service to our clients. We will succeed if we keep innovating and just do the things we do really well.

LIME has become an integral part of my life and I cannot imagine it any differently any more. I get a huge amount of energy from the people I speak to every day and it still feels that we are making people happy; with a new job, by solving an acute recruitment problem, advising on careers or acting as a sounding board. This doesn’t stop at the end of a working day but is part of my personal life, and I find that very rewarding.