Ruben Reus

After my studies in occupational and organizational psychology at the VU University, I set my first steps in recruitment in 2011. In the past five years, I worked for an American listed recruitment organization, where I was part of the management team of the Amsterdam office, among other things. Early 2017, I chose to make the transition to LIME, because I was ready for a new challenge. The click with people at LIME in particular, was a decisive factor for my, but the entrepreneurial setting, the focus on quality and the continuous investment in the network, made it easy for me to choose LIME.

Passion / Energy
I am an active person and I thrive in an energetic and dynamic environment. It is very important to me to be active with my friends and family. My family gives me a lot of energy. Together with my wife Eline and our son David, I like to undertake fun activities. In addition, I am athletic and competitive. I like to get the most out myself when engaging in CrossFit or running. My job at LIME also gives me a lot of energy. The combination of the various activities, the contact with customers and the pleasant ambiance at the office in particular, makes me enjoy going to work every day, and results in the days flying by.

My ambition is continuous development in the personal and professional field, in doing so, contributing to the success and growth of LIME.

To me, LIME represents quality, long-term relationships and a dynamic environment within a passionate team. My colleagues and I are energetic, enthusiastic, professional, sportive, customer-oriented and attach great importance to integrity and teamwork. This gives me energy!