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We are a diverse team of consultants and professionals, but we have one thing in common: we are genuinely interested in the people around us and have their best interests at heart. We connect and share knowledge, experience and our network. That's how we help each other move forward. We put development at the heart of everything that we do and we encourage and motivate each other to be better, do better and get better, every day. Best of all, we are always happy to welcome new colleagues.

Welcome to new opportunities.
Welcome to LIME.


We have the knowledge, skills and network to help others in their search for the right match. Our approach is meticulous and our services are of the highest quality. If we do something, we do it well.


We are result-oriented go-getters and always keep our promises. We are thorough, hard-working and fast, and always give that little bit of extra. People can rely on us, no matter what their challenge is.


We are enthusiastic, energetic and optimistic. We create an accessible environment in which people can be themselves. As a result, everyone's unique strengths are valued and together we make genuine progress possible.

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Within LIME and LEMON we have room for ambitious professionals at at every level.

When you have already gained great experience in (executive) recruitment, business development, account management or hospitality, you can start as a (senior) consultant at LIME. You immediately take the lead and are responsible for your own portfolio. Naturally we invest in guidance and training in areas where you are interested in and can grow.

LEMON focuses on developing young talent (up to 3 years of experience) towards to Executive Search level. Next to internal and external training, you will get a lot of coaching 'on-the-job' to make sure you are able to take the lead while having backup and start building up your own network.

Internal positions

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