Thorizon is a tier-one innovator in the field of nuclear power solutions. The company designs and creates frontier technologies for Molten Salt Reactors (MSR). Purpose is to accelerate the availability of clean energy and help solve the climate crisis by leveraging the know-how and intellectual property surrounding their novel reactor design. In 2018, Thorizon was spun-off from the Nuclear Research and consultancy Group (NRG), the organization which operates the High Flux Reactor in Petten. The technology was developed under the radar for years. Since then, Thorizon has rapidly developed into an ambitious deep-tech company with extensive experience in the nuclear sector and the drive to contribute to the energy transition as fast as possible. In 2023, Thorizon opened its office in Lyon to be part of the strong nuclear technology community in France. Currently, with offices in Amsterdam and Lyon, the company is rapidly expanding, currently comprising 18 professionals in Amsterdam and 13 in Lyon, all working together to revolutionize the future of nuclear energy.

Thorizon’s technology can play an important role in the global energy system, especially considering the increase in worldwide energy demand while at the same time phasing out traditional fossil fuels. Thorizon’s first system uses a mixture of existing long-lived nuclear waste and the abundant metal Thorium, whereby a large amount of the long-lived waste can be turned into short-lived waste and CO2-free energy.

The job profile

Thorizon is a dynamic organization, scaling quickly in a complex international environment. Therefore we are looking for a CFO who has experienced the dynamics of building a frontier technology company within an entrenched international ecosystem. As CFO, you will be instrumental in guiding the companies’ financial strategy, ensuring the seamless execution of the ambitious goals, and contributing to the realization of their vision for a sustainable energy future.

You will play a key role in securing sustained value creation and enabling the growth of the company in the next 5 years from a local start-up to a leading international nuclear technology company. You will take complete care of all financial and legal aspects of the company, and are a credible and close partner for the CEO as counterpart in strategic negotiations. You will be part of the management team together with the CEO, CTO (founder), COO, Chief Business development Officer and Chief of Staff.  Mainly working from Amsterdam, some travel to Lyon / other locations will be part of the job.

''Thorizon’s  purpose is to accelerate the availability of clean energy and help solve the climate crisis. The molten salt reactor system is a stable and clean contributor to an energy system where wind and solar are the other important sources.''

The ideal candidate

We are looking for a strong and driven finance professional who feels convinced and engaged to be part of a journey towards clean and sustainable energy solutions for the world. You realise you can truly make an impact on the energy transition for the longer term. The right candidate charactarizes an extensive amount of strategic long term view, persistence and endurance. A teamplayer who is, together with all other Thorizon team members, pursuing the mutual dream of realising clean and abundant energy to the environment. 

Your main competences and experience include;
•    a proven track record as CFO, ideally in a deeptech scale-up or the industrial/energy manufacturing sector;
•    Strong strategic acumen; Proactively think far ahead, can devise and implement a financial strategy that is brave in terms of ambition and yet derisked in terms of flexibility and runway; 
•    Work well in a high-pressure management role. Internal and external stakeholders have confidence in you and can rely on your judgment and reporting;
•    You have a strong finance background and profile ( Master economics / RA / RC), a sound understanding of financial modeling, financing options for growth companies, capital structure, project financing, public-private partnerships and deal flow mechanics. Previous fundraising experience is considered a strong plus.
•    Strong strategic and analytical mindset. You can understand and master new issues quickly, you conduct an initial 80/20 diagnostic and recommend wise mitigating actions. 
•    You are a smart, empathic, and likeable people person. Others like to collaborate with you. 
•    Hands-on mentality; you like to make things concrete and do not mind doing initial lifting yourself.  You can also manage a wide variety of topics.
•    Manage subsidy and complex mixed funding schemes on Dutch, French and European level and drive in subsidy applications.
•    You have an intrinsic motivation to make an impact and want to contribute to a responsible energy supply for the environment. 

Heb je interesse?

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Referentie: LIWM06301